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Cereria Molla 1899 is a family business that has been handed down from generation to generation. Since 1899, they have been making their products with unparalleled craftsmanship.

An artisan with Spanish origins, offers us a wide range of handmade products with exceptional scents. Cereria Molla produces its 100% handmade candles from the best raw materials such as: soy wax, cotton wick and quality perfumes. 

The CAJMI team offers you a collection of 14 exceptional fragrances: Amber & Sandalwood, Bulgarian rose & oud, Bergamotto di calabria, ... A range of products that will make you travel by these aromas and will give a warm atmosphere in your living room, all with a simple and modern design.

Bergamotto Di Calabria Candle 600g - CERERIA MOLLA 1899
Bergamotto Di Calabria Candle
The combination of Mysor sandalwood with the freshness of Bergamotto Di Calabria provides nuances of cardamom and limeta. A fragrance that will transport you to a Mediterranean island. 
Velvet Wood Candle 7kg - CERERIA MOLLA 1899
Velvet Wood Candle
A fusion of aromas with a touch of vanilla and lavender for an extreme and deep blend. Cereria Mollá invites you to discover an exceptional fragrance.
Amber & Sandalwood Candle 600g - CERERIA MOLLA 1899
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Amber & Sandalwood Candle
A blend of fresh citrus fruits with white sandalwood, combined with a sweet musky scent. Cereria Mollá offers you a perfect candle to soften the environment of your home. 
Moroccan Cedar Candle 3,5kg - CERERIA MOLLA 1899
Moroccan Cedar Candle 
A fragrance with spicy, woody and sweet mixtures that make it unique. Cereria Mollá offers you an ideal perfume to create a cosy atmosphere.