Our diffusers are made by Cereria Molla. An artisan known for his exceptional candles but not only, he also offers us a wide range of handmade diffusers. Authentic scents with a simple and modern packaging.

Cereria Molla 1899 is :

An artisan with Spanish origins, he offers us a wide range of handmade products with exceptional scents. Cereria Molla produces its candles as well as its handmade diffusers from the best raw materials. A know-how that is passed on from generation to generation. 

CAJMI offers you 17 different scents

Mikado Tea & Lemongrass - 100 ml - Full Pack - Cereria Molla 1899
Tea & Lemongrass
A fragrance full of light and naturalness where the citrus of lemongrass, green tea and the aromatic notes of verbena blend together to transform the environment around you. Cereria Mollá offers a unique blend with fresh and fruity notes.