Pack 3 Bougies Bergamotto di calabria, Basil&Mandarin, Velvet wood - 70gr CERERIA MOLLA 1899  - artisanal
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Pack of 3 Candles Bergamotto Di Calabria 70g, Basil & Mandarin 70g, Velvet Wood 70g - CERERIA MOLLA 1899

Pack of 3 candles

Cereria Mollá presents a pack of three candles with three different scents. We have the Bergamotto Di Calabria, the Basil & Mandarin and the Velvet Wood. Each candle has a duration of 20 hours.

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Cereria Mollá presents its pack of 3 candles

We have here a pack of 3 candles with exceptional scents  

Basil & Mandarin 

A combination of citrus fruits of lemon, lime and tangerine, to which is added a floral aroma of Ivy and white Jasmine. This combination gives us a woody - oriental note.   

Bergamotto Di Calabria  

A candle with spicy aromatic essences, a touch of fresh citrus accompanied by a white sandalwood, added to this a sweet musky smell and a light touch of wood. 

Velvet Wood 

A perfect blend of several different scents, a touch of spice that mingles with lavender for a deep and extreme mix. Tobacco brings that masculine side to the composition and adds a light touch of vanilla.  

Handmade products with a formula of Cereria Mollá that uses vegetable wax not to emit smoke, cotton wicks and the best essences to offer you a product of high quality.

Data sheet
70 Gr
5,5 cm
7 cm
20 h
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