Huile d'olive AOP Nyons 50 cl - Moulin de Haute Provence Moulin de Haute Provence - artisanal
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Olive oil AOP Nyons 50 cl - Moulin de Haute Provence

CAJMI offers you a smooth PDO Nyons olive oil with fruity flavours of hazelnut and green apple. An extra virgin olive oil, finely buttered, 50 cl of happiness to season your dishes. 

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The origin of Nyons PDO olive oil

Nyons PDO olive oil is produced by the Moulin de Haute Provence, an artisan located in the south of France, more precisely in the heart of the Provencal Barons. Their oil is cold extracted from the Tanche olive variety.

In mid-November, the Nyons olive harvest begins and culminates in December. The Moulin de Haute Provence offers an olive oil with a fruitier taste, which will soften with time. 

Olive oil is recognised for its many qualities and is an emblematic product of the Mediterranean regions. A particular olive tree has adapted to the climate of the Baronnies in the heart of Provence of our craftsman. 

These black and ripe olives, harvested from November to January, undergo the cold extraction process at the Mill, which will give an extra virgin olive oil. Nyons PDO olive oil is smooth and creamy with a slightly fruity taste.

The benefits of olive oil 

Olive oil has several benefits in different aspects. We use it cosmetically, it is nourishing, regenerating, softening and soothing to the skin or an antioxidant. But also, for our scalp, light burns or dryness. 

On the nutritional level, olive oil brings a better digestion especially at the level of the stomach. It plays a role in the prevention of infections but also a reduction of the risk of stroke and many others.

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