CAJMI presents its FOOD section. 

This category is essentially dedicated to food products. We have selected different products from the craft industry such as: jam, spread or olive oil from Nyons. 

All our artisans work with natural ingredients that come from their region. The CAJMI team is continuously looking for new artisans to offer our customers a choice. 

To do this, we have gone to meet our artisans, experts in their fields, some in jam and syrup, others in spreads or in the well known PDO Nyons olive oil.

We work with artisans from different horizons: Belgian, French, Malagasy, ... However, they all have one thing in common : artisanship and the desire to make you discover their delicious products which are made with passion and love for generations. 

Our artisans are : Bernadette de Lavernette, L'artisan Tartineur, Moulin de haute Provence and finally the syrup factory of Aubel