Jam is one of CAJMI's popular products. We enjoy it at breakfast with a good freshly pressed orange juice or a coffee.  

To do this, we went to meet the Belgian artisan "La Siroperie d'Aubel". It is a family business, created in 1983, which transmits its know-how from generation to generation and in 1988 Claudy NYSSEN takes over. 

They make jams with an authentic taste, 100% artisanal and contain 60% of fruits selected by the care of the artisan. All their jams are prepared in a copper cauldron. 

We have selected for you the 14 different types of Aubel's syrup, you will find your happiness among all its different flavors. 

However, our team wanted to expand its choice for this popular product. To do this, CAJMI takes you on a trip to the south of Africa in Madagascar to meet Bernadette de Lavernette

Bernadette de Lavernette makes jams with aphrodisiac flavors, artisanal and fruits of the Malagasy soil. In 2000, Brigitte BILLARDEY launches her production of artisanal jams, she decides to work with local producers to give a unique taste to her jams. 

After a long tasting, we have chosen the bestsellers of Bernadette de Lavernette's jams. We offer you 250 grams of pure happiness that will remind you the jam of Mami.