Olive oil

Nyons olive oil comes from the region of Nyons in the south of France. A 100% artisanal and natural oil produced by the Moulin de Haute Province.

A company founded in 1977 in Buis les Baronnies, the Moulin de Haute Provence is in the heart of the Nyons Protected Designation of Origin. In 2019, Olivier succeeds his father Michel FAYANT, he keeps the tradition passed down from generation to generation. They make their olive oils with the greatest care, this product is an emblem of the Mediterranean basin. 

The CAJMI team offers you this artisanal olive oil in different forms 25cl, 50cl, 75cl or 1L. Nyons olive oil is cold extracted from the Tanche olive variety. The Moulin de Haute Provence has been awarded several times for its exceptional olive oil. Over three consecutive years, they have won the gold medal of the "Concours des huiles d'Olive de France en appellation d'origine - Nyons" in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

With the help of our collaborators, we had the chance to taste this very atypical oil that will make you travel in the Mediterranean. The olive oil of Nyons is smooth, fruity with aromas of hazelnut and green apple. We often use it for our seasonings, mixed with raw vegetables, fish, pasta, ..