Artisanal spread

The spread, a product that is in the cupboard of our kitchen. At breakfast, we are crazy about this hazelnut chocolate that we spread on a slice of bread with a coffee, a juice or a glass of milk. 

The CAJMI team went to meet a French chocolate maker who, over time, has specialized in chocolate spreads. Roland CHARLES is the founder of the company "L'Artisan Tartineur", a craftsman who makes spreads without palm oil and without hydrogenated oils but that's not all! 

Roland focuses on quality and taste to produce an exceptional spread. To do this, the team of "L'Artisan Tartineur" offer a range of products less sweet than what the competition offers, they do not use dye or GMO ingredients. 

We had the chance to taste these spreads, and we fell under the charm, a smooth texture with flavors just exceptional.  All without palm oil, without coloring and without artificial flavors. L'artisan Tartineur offers a wide range of products that will charm your taste buds, children and adults will enjoy.

We are used to say it: there is no age to enjoy a good spread!