Our coffee comes from an artisan roaster located in Roanne, France. The Black Pearl is a company created in 2017. CAJMI offers a wide range of artisanal coffees selected by the artisan and roasted in their workshop.

Our coffees are 100% Arabic of varied origin such as: Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia, Peru and many others. 

Our artisan works in collaboration with the Belco group

Belco is a family owned and independent company that sources, imports and distributes quality coffees from around the world. This company creates direct relationships between producers and independent roasters like Black Pearl. Our artisan puts a special value on the quality of its products as well as the collaboration with the producers and farmers. 

Artisanal coffee Rwanda 250g
The Black Pearl offers you a 100% Arabica artisanal coffee. We have notes of cocoa and mandarin or caramel. The perfect morning ally, to start the day well.
Artisanal Coffee Dominican Republic 250g
A real delight, this artisanal coffee. The Dominican Republic is a 100% Arabica coffee with gourmet notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut. A cup of coffee to start the day. 
Artisanal coffee Brazil 250g
The Black Pearl offers you a 100% Arabica coffee. Brazil Mogiana, a coffee that is both balanced and light on the palate. At the first sip, we find notes of red fruits, raspberry and redcurrant which give way to a pleasant sweetness reminiscent of sugar cane.
Artisanal coffee House blend 250g
A blend of 3 of the finest vintages harvested in the 3 coffee-producing continents, giving you the full line of Ecuador in your cup. A fruity, full-bodied blend with a hint of acidity.
Artisanal Coffee Nicaragua 250g
A real delight, this artisanal coffee. Nicaragua is a 100% Arabica coffee characterised by a sweet aroma and has delicate floral, honey and almond notes. The coffee is a blend of 90% Caturra and 10% Maragogype and Macaturra beans. A cup of coffee to start the day. 
Artisanal coffee Colombia 250g
Colombian coffee is 100% Arabica with sweet and aromatic notes. A rich, balanced and very smooth coffee.
Artisanal coffee Peru 250g
The coffee from Peru is 100% Arabica with fruity and floral notes. A rich, balanced coffee with a great sweetness. A coffee with good acidity and a light taste.